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Jut a final sentence for Kodak.

I do not use the Kodak paper. (Except Azo) I like it, but never got acquainted with it, because it took too much time and was a product of its own. Beautiful paper, though!

The number of people who DO use their paper were not buying enough, but in fact were buying something else. Sales of their paper were falling off by 25% per year. It would have been more advantageous to have a party in the lobby of the Plaza Hotel in New York and GIVE the paper away to those who used it . . . not practical to transport those dozen or so people who use their enlargment paper to NYC AND to keep the factory in Brazil open . . . a factory that only opperates a few months a year, anyway.

To say Wall Street runs the company is to make such a quantum leap, as to say the Camera takes your picture.

Cheers to Kodak! I hoist a drink to the suffering gazelle. It isn't about what Wall Street thinks.

Steve Shapiro
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         It is terrible...... I bought some top of the line Cannon equipment and found the same thing that they do not support their high end equipment for very long..........They not only quit making parts but dispose of the parts they have in stock for the items they discontinue.
         It is not just cameras... I purchased a $8000 copy machine 8 years ago....I was told that a small part is no longer available and they called my machine " That old thing" ........
         The whole problem is that companies no longer listen to their customers needs but now only listen to their shareholders........Kodak is a prime example of a company who once was probably one of the greatest service oriented companies in the world and built a empire because of that.........It now appears that the only thing they are concerned with is what Wall Street thinks..
       Many of us have struggled and saved a good portion of our adult lives to accumulate the needed equipment just to find that it is basically obsolete junk if it needs fixin....
  John Cremati
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