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            This is off topic (not alt) but, like the Kodak situation,
indicates another passing.
            I have been trying to get something as simple as a replacement
PC flash socket for my 40mm Hasselblad lens (about 20 years old) and I have
been informed by both Hasselblad USA and Sweden that they no longer carry
those parts!!! Now, let me get this straight. I bought Hasselblads because
they work hard and last long and now I can’t get parts!!! I have a 500C,
500 CM, an ELM, and various lenses, bought in the 70s and 80s with fashion
photography income (couldn’t afford them NOW!) I thought I would eventually
keep up with digital by buying a digital back for the ‘Blad and an Imac to
do the image processing but now it seems that my ‘Blads will be obsolete
because I won’t be able to get parts.
            I expect this sort of foolishness from “built in obsolescence”
amateur equipment manufacturers but NOT from Hasselblad. Even Nikon lets
you use your old lenses on some of the digital bodies.
            Well, this is part balking and part asking if anyone knows of a
supplier or repair shop that sells used parts for Hasselblads.

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