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Date: 06/27/05-10:12:04 PM Z
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> Is kallitype as hard as it looks? I wanted to try kallitype and the more I
> read the more variations in the recipe I've found. Maddening. Why so many
> variations? Is there a simple starting point someone could give a
> beginner?
> Thx.

Let me suggest that you have a look at my article on kallitype at

One of the main things I have tried to do with kallitype printing are, 1)
simplify the process by limiting the variables, and 2) develop for
permanence, which dictates toning.

If you process for permanence kallitype is no more complicated than
vandyke, but it is a lot more flexible because there is a very simple
system for controlling contrast in kallitype while in VDB you have
virtually no control. Very important difference if you print from
in-camera negatives. Also, it is much easier to obtain rich Dmax with
kallitype than VDB.

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