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Date: 06/27/05-10:00:13 AM Z
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Yes, it does appear ATA has taken over as the on-board standard drive
interface. I'm using IDE, and have for years. But you're right,
anyone starting would be better served by using a newer convention.
I'll probably need to transfer to an ATA drive at some point, but
there's time, so long as I still have several machines that support it.

Unlike photographs, the archiving for data requires the extra step of
periodic transfers or conversions to the latest and greatest standards,
regardless of the media it is stored on. Hard disks are more robust and
reliable than a CD or DVD, so for my important stuff, that's what I
rely on.

If the new CD/DVDs discussed in this thread prove as reliable I may move
to that as my standard, but it will be a while before I do.


On 6/27/2005, "George L Smyth" <> wrote:

>> IDE support won't be around forever)...
>Jon -
>IDE is on the way out and is currently being replaced. I cannot imagine anyone
>storing anything for archival purposes on an IDE drive - anyone with
>information on 5 1/4" disks at this point is probably out of luck.
>Cheers -
>--- Jon Lybrook <> wrote:
>> data to the newest from time to time -- IDE support won't be around
>> forever)...
>> Best wishes,
>> Jon
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