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Joachim -

I do not have definitive data, but have heard the same thing as far as writing
on the CD is concerned. One of the big no-nos is to put a label on the CD.
Personally, I just do not label the CDs with my images, but label the cases I
put them in.

I was also told that slower burning speeds are better than faster. I cannot
imagine the orientation of the storage to be a factor, one way or the other.

Cheers -


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> I am no expert and I can only parrot what I have been taught, but one way to
> help prolong longevity of CDs is not to write on them with petroleum-based
> inks (read Magic markers). I have been advised to use Staedtler Lumocolor
> permanent pens. Except for the word permanent appearing on the packaging, I
> see no claims by the manufacturer in regard to CDS. Since so much of our
> hard labor hinges on preservation, I wonder if anyone has definitive data on
> this subject? I also wonder why vertical storage, if the CDS are in secure
> plastic cases, should make any difference. Joachim
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> Bob, et alia,
> The Delkin discs are using the licensed technology from Mitsui to create
> these gold is the same process that was used by the Kodak gold
> CDs that are no longer available.
> Mitsui also produces them through MAM, right here in the US of A and in
> France; they are availble from InkJet Art ( fro
> very reasonable prices in quantity. These are CD-R (CD-Recordable, NOT
> rewritable...this is HIGHLY desirable for archival purposes, of course).
> No financial considerations there; just one VERY happy customer for years.
> Last month, Mitsui announced that the gold-coated process will now be
> available on DVD-Rs and that these should be shipping in June (though I
> haven't found anyone shipping them yet), so for those of us who must
> deal with larger files will be looking forward to being able to use the
> DVD-R format to reduce the sheer number of "objects" we are creating.
> Dennis Moser
> Who, in his day job, is constantly dealing with these issues...
> Robert W. Schramm wrote:
> > The big news is that there was one type of CD tested that had a gold
> > base coating that indicated
> > a lifetime of 300 years! The even better news is that these are now
> > available . They are called
> > "Archival Gold The 300 Year Disc" Made by Delkin Devices. They are 74
> > min. 650 MB discs. You can
> > buy them at
> >
> > They cost much less than making an 8x10 chrysotype ;-) 25 discs for
> > around $37.00. Cheaper if you buy 100. I hope this company will consider
> > making archival gold DVD discs.
> >
> >
> > Bob Schramm
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