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Bob, et alia,

The Delkin discs are using the licensed technology from Mitsui to create
these gold is the same process that was used by the Kodak gold
CDs that are no longer available.

Mitsui also produces them through MAM, right here in the US of A and in
France; they are availble from InkJet Art ( fro
very reasonable prices in quantity. These are CD-R (CD-Recordable, NOT
rewritable...this is HIGHLY desirable for archival purposes, of course).
No financial considerations there; just one VERY happy customer for years.

Last month, Mitsui announced that the gold-coated process will now be
available on DVD-Rs and that these should be shipping in June (though I
haven't found anyone shipping them yet), so for those of us who must
deal with larger files will be looking forward to being able to use the
DVD-R format to reduce the sheer number of "objects" we are creating.

Dennis Moser
Who, in his day job, is constantly dealing with these issues...

Robert W. Schramm wrote:
> The big news is that there was one type of CD tested that had a gold
> base coating that indicated
> a lifetime of 300 years! The even better news is that these are now
> available . They are called
> "Archival Gold The 300 Year Disc" Made by Delkin Devices. They are 74
> min. 650 MB discs. You can
> buy them at
> They cost much less than making an 8x10 chrysotype ;-) 25 discs for
> around $37.00. Cheaper if you buy 100. I hope this company will consider
> making archival gold DVD discs.
> Bob Schramm

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