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> Just found this in a pile of papers. It is a note to
> myself on the latests results of testing, but again
> this does not apply to the archival gold CDs.
> The National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST
> only rates ordinary CDs and DVDs at 30 years under
> archival conditions which are;
> Temperature between 20oC and 4oC Relative Humidity 20 -50
> %
> Ideal Conditions: 18oC 40% Rel. Humid.
> Keep away from : sunlight or strong UV light , rapid
> temperature changes, excessive humidity,
> fingerprints, magic markers etc. and store upright.
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   Are these commercially made CD's or writable and
re-writable ones? I thought the standard ones had longer
life because the information on them is in the form of
physial pits on the coated surface. The others have dye
images, I am not surprized if its those that have the short
life,especially the re-writable ones.

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