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On Fri, 24 Jun 2005, Ed Stander wrote:

I have persuaded a balky CD to oblige by brushing it first, gently, with
a very fine anti-static brush, then gently swabbing with a large blob of
absorbent cotton wet with very dilute dish soap in water --

but that's not why I'm writing... That's to ask Mr. Stander if he would
kindly define his distinctions for the digitally challenged. That is, what
"CD software" does he refer to? I use CDs for backup but AFAIK the
'software' in something in the bowels (or brains) of system 9. I don't use
Toast, or similar over-programmed programs that seem (to me anyway)
designed to cause intractable headache or complicate something simple.
When it's time to burn I simply eject, the system asks should it burn,
and I say yes.

Do I have to revise that judgment? Should I recant?

And an interesting sidelight, BTW -- I recently installed an internal hard
drive (well I lie, someone who knows these things installed it), with
System 10 on it. And even though I haven't used the damn thing yet, or
worked out of System 10 (for CS2, BTW) it has altered the rest of the set-
up. Really. When I had to shut down for something or other, like donner
und blitzen, it delayed the shutdown & ASKED ME if it should save the disk
burner image, which it did. (That's almost as motherly as system 8.6,
apparently due to the mere presence of 10 on another drive.)

Thanks in advance,

> If you have a CD copying program on your machine, first clean the CD
> using dishwashing soap and your fingers. Dry it well with a soft cloth,
> and copy it to your hard drive (in other words, make an image using your CD
> software program). This takes longer than simply copying the CD, and
> allows the computer to correct mistakes in reading the CD "on the fly".
> Once the image is made, you can make as many copies as you like using the
> same software. I've saved a number of otherwise unreadable CDs this way!
> Best - Ed


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