RE: Hardening salted paper and potassium dichromate

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Date: 06/20/05-08:56:38 AM Z
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Why don't you try first with the lowest contast emulsion mix (read as:
no potassium dichromate)? I haven't done salt prints before but AFAIK
adding contrast agents to the emulsion decreases the speed of it
considerably... What printer are you using? If it's an Epson with OEM
dye inks then the UV density of red dye should be more than enough for
making salted paper prints without the addition of contrast agent (was
it log 3.6?). Also, I remember reading somewhere that the Ammonium salt
is slightly more contrasty than the Sodium salt...


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> Subject: Hardening salted paper and potassium dichromate
> Hi,
> after printing several traditional negatives on salted paper
> I tried pdn, that I had successfully experimented with
> multigrade fb paper. Usually I use a 2% NaCl and 1% gelatine
> solution and a 12% silver nitrate, 6% citric acid sensitizer.
> I brush coat both solutions. Paper is Rives bfk. Using my
> black light tubes my standard printing time is about 10
> minutes, but after 1 minutes any step of the colour density
> range palette is still white. Adding potassium dichromate
> (0.2%) to the salted solution I than have a standard
> printing time of about two minutes and still pure white steps
> (I'm searching the minimum amount of potassium dichromate to
> print whit pdn but this is another story).
> ...
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