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If you have a business name you can use Decor in Hauppauge, NY. They are a
frame wholesaler and have lots of mat board types to choose from. Check them
out on the web. They have a pdf catalog as well.

Gerry G

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I only buy three colors. Usually the more you buy the cheaper it gets. The
mat board does not go bad like food so you can buy as much as you can afford
and store. Just make sure you get it in a plastic bag inside a cardboard
box. Keeps it clean, dry and away from light that fades. The fewer colors
the better. Keep the cut outs. You might want to do some small prints.

Don't buy mat board at Aron Bros. or a similar retail shop. Way too
expensive. I would think Cleveland would have a framer supply shop so you
could buy wholesale. Go to Crescent Mat web site and look for sources. You
should not have to pay more than the prices I gave you.


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>Subject: Optimized Print and Mat sizes.

> What quantities should board be bought for to get the best
>price break? I am looking for a medium light gray at about tone 6 in
>zone system and then board one shade lighter both to have the same color
>core as the face....................... I would also like to stock white
>and black........ What is the best way to buy these and where ......? I
>live in Cleveland, Ohio....
>John Cremati
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>> I was off a bit. Crescent Ragmat is 9.50 a sheet and Standard Alphamat
>7.87. How does that compare with your experience?
>> George
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