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I was off a bit. Crescent Ragmat is 9.50 a sheet and Standard Alphamat is 7.87. How does that compare with your experience?


>From: Don Bryant <>
>Date: Sun Jun 19 13:48:59 CDT 2005
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>Subject: RE: Re: Optimized Print and Mat sizes.

>> That is a good plan only if you happen to need 2 16x20, and some small
>> sizes. Most of the time you would be wasting mat board. If you have a
>> wholesale framing supply co in your area a 32X40 is only about 6$. So 4
>> 16X20's works out to about 1.50 each. Mat board is about the least
>> expensive part of the framing project.
>Please tell me where you purchase your mat board from. I've never seen
>archival 4 ply mat board priced that inexpensively.
>Don Bryant
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