Re: Kodak B&W Paper Discontinued? Good Ridence.

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Date: 06/18/05-10:15:49 AM Z
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The loss of these papers makes one feel a bit better about investing all that
money in a Richeson "Magic Brush"!

Mark Nelson
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> I am glad the Internet was not around way back when photography was "fun."
> We would be lamenting the demise of many favored Kodak papers, films,
> sundries, and equipment; all the while wondering what has happened to our
> beloved Kodak.
> I remember a Kodak Automatic Printer we had in storage. According to all
> reports from the experts, the machine does not exist. It was designed to
> rapidly print negatives. Just insert the roll of film, load a 500 sheet box
> of paper, and print away. As fast as any minilab printer was when they were
> introduced. Great Ektar lenses, by the way. When it was discontinued, people
> were upset. I was not around, but I can guess.
> I am curious to know what we will say when something comes along to replace
> digital as we now know it.
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