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Date: 06/18/05-08:31:34 AM Z
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Well, I coated some acrylic glas an glaced ceramics with the dammar vanish.
I did it in my cellar.
Next time, if it works, I will do it outside, because it smells a lot :-(
I hope that it will be dry in about 5 hours and then I will do the coating.
How long does the emulsion need to dry?
I use Adox Lux liquide.


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Hi John & Christina,
I tried more or less all the advices and articles I found years ago at
the time I was doing bromoil on aluminium.(I had the impression that a
lot of advice was done by people who never did it themselves,
especially with the thin gelatine-layers, with or without hardening; a
mess down the drain....)
The amount of time and spilled liquid light , apart from the begging to
whatever may be in heaven, leads me to the 'beer-coating" , after
cleaning with toothpaste and 90percent alcohol.
I would be glad hearing from your experience.
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