Re: Kodak B&W Paper Discontinued? Good Ridence.

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Date: 06/17/05-01:41:43 PM Z
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Well, the bottom line is that Kodak is a public company, and the shareholders
are owners of the company. One becomes a shareholder of a company to make
money, which is what happens when a company is successful. The company does
what it can to be successful to fullfil the wishes of its shareholders. That
is the way our economy works.

Forgive me if I have stated the obvious, but Kodak's management is simply doing
what they feel will once again make the company sucessful once again. Here is
a chart of Kodak for the past five years - - they have lost more than half their

Understand that I am not happy about their decisions - I spent all of the money
I could afford to purchase what I could when they made the decision to
discontinue HSI. However, thinking of the decisions a company is making in an
attempt to keep afloat (they have a negative return on equity and have negative
revenue growth when compared to a year ago) as simple greed is not something
with which I can agree. Trying to make money is simply the Capitalist way of
doing things, and personally I am all for that.

Digital is indeed a fact of life, as that is where the market is going whether
we like it or not (I do for some reasons, and do not for others).
Photographers need to find a way to deal with the resources they are offered,
just as I am doing with the loss of my HSI. I personally am not of the opinion
that Capitalism will be the ruin of our country, but will be our continuing

Cheers -

(who actually does like the more current of Kodak's line of papers, and will
now need to find an alternative)

--- John <> wrote:

> Yep. Greed for the sake of greed. And this is what is prooving to be the
> ruin of our nation. I personally believe that a depression is very likely
> in about 20 years by which time the baby-boomers will have emptied the
> coffers of the stock markets and other investment channels and taken as
> much with them as they can. Yep, if we're lucky by 2025 the economy should
> be right back where it was in 1935.

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