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Bonjour Jon,
Bonjour Silvi,
I am still on the list but really not very active !
I used to make photogravure from a Pictorico positive film printed on an
ESPON 1160 equipped with the Piezotone inks.
But today, I try to test a film printed on an EPSON 4000 using the
Harrington RIP ( For the moment, the first results are
encouraging but the parameters have to be ajusted. All these tests are used
on traditional gelatin paper photogravure.
I also tried to put the dot screen on the same film but the printing becomes
touchy because it needs to mix the bitmap layer of the dot screen on the
continuous tone layer of the picture : so it is necessary to make the dot
screen at 360 or 720 DPI in order to be compliant with the features of the
printer (same requirement for the continuous tone layer). It is rather
difficult to ajust. Eventually, I came back to the traditional double
exposure which is more confortable in terms of parameters mastering.
Maybe the new EPSON 4800 with their two tone greys could definitely solve
this problem of BW film printing. Who has already tested this printer for
this application ?
As far the photopolymer plates process is concerned, I do not have a good
experience on it, but I can give you the adress of a student in last year of
Ecole Louis Lumière who has written a very interesting paper about
photogravure on photopolymer plates, under the management of Jean-Paul
His name Jean-Philippe Boiteux :
Anyway, I'll keep you informed about the results of my own tests.

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I don't know if Jean-Daniel Lemoine is still on this list (Hello
Jean-Daniel?!?). But, he's in Paris and works with photogravure from
digital neg's. If he doesn't reply, I'd be happy to supply you contact info

Good luck!

Tenants Harbor, Maine

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Subject: Photopolymer Photogravure question

Can anyone enlighten me - I am experimenting with Pictorico OHP film and
Printight KM73 plates. I am making the inkjet positive films on the Epson
2200. I was wondering if anyone has curves that work well with this
combination of materials? I would like to eliminate the use of a second dot
screen exposure. Has anyone played around with making curves to suit??


Silvi Glattauer
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