RE: Kodak B&W Paper Discontinued?

From: Michael Briggs ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 06/16/05-10:37:54 AM Z
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On 16-Jun-2005 Gerry Giliberti wrote:
> I read a few weeks ago that Kodak has ceased production on all Super 8 films
> (color & B/W).

Only Kodachrome Super 8 is discontinued, with Kodak continuing Ektachrome and
B&W. A quick google search turned up a copy of the press release at

The last paragraph:

"As noted earlier, Kodak remains committed to the Super 8 format, as evidenced
by the new film announced today, building on a product line that covers the
needs of enthusiasts, from a choice of stocks in negative, Black and White and
reversal films. Kodak's intent is to maintain the format as long as it is
supported by marketplace conditions."

Does anyone trust a commitment from Kodak?

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