Re: Kodak B&W Paper Discontinued?

From: Robert M ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 06/15/05-11:43:04 PM Z
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> So, do not climb on me; I was not out of line.
> > Bob
> True. Under ordinary circumstances your skeptcism is/would
> be considered "healthy".
> Today however, is not an ordinary day.
> No one needs excess frustration/provocation now.

I was not provoking anyone, just asking people to wait for confirmation.
That is to say, wait until Kodak announces the news. Frustrated or not, I
think I was quite fair. Since this is a big, BIG issue, I would have thought
knowing the truth is quite important; reacting to incomplete or inaccurate
information is never good.

I am certainly willing to admit Richard was likely correct, likely he does
have a friend on the inside and he might knows the facts. My intent was not
to insult Richard, just find the truth about something that on the surface
seems laughably absurd.

> What is important is to assertain what we have lost, and
> what if anything, we are willing to fight for. .

And again, that is exactly what I wanted. Proof and confirmation. By the
way, I also happen to have a few contacts at Kodak because I occasionally
provide services. I have asked five different people for confirmation; much
like Richard's source, they are in a position to know.

My day to day job is technical writing and I spend an inordinate amount of
time on the net. I hope I do not need to tell you how much b.s. can be found
on the web. Some corporations have been damaged by inaccurate information.
There is certainly no shortage of "reporters" making stuff up these days.

Sorry, I simply cannot trust Richard or anyone else unless I know them
and/or I have conformation. No offence to Richard, but he opened the
discussion by quoting an anonymous source offering up what appears to be a
wild story; at first glance, it simply cannot be true.

Had I posted this to the list last month: "did you know Kodak will stop
manufacturing all black and white papers in June?" What would the reaction
have been? Would any of the list membership ask for proof? That is what I
asked for. Proof!

> Someone should double check on each item that will be
> discontinued... and post their findings.

I agree. I did read the AP article, but who knows how accurate AP is.
Apparently, the news story is indeed accurate, but I will wait until I know
for sure.

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