Re: Kodak B&W Paper Discontinued?

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Date: 06/15/05-07:54:09 PM Z
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> Richard,
> I'm sure your "source" is reliable....
> But, just for the record - please remember some gelatin
> silver users are
> still under the "alt" umbrella. Mordancage practitioners
> and some who use
> various 19th century toning formulae on modern papers are
> possibilities
> which come immediately to mind.
> Peace,
> Jon

   I got the original message at work about 6 AM. I probably
should have posted it here as well as to a couple of other
mailing lists. The story is now on the AP web site. At a
guess it had probably been released to the media by the time
I got it by may have been embargoed for some reason. That is
quite common.

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