Re: Kodak B&W Paper Discontinued?

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Date: 06/15/05-06:41:08 PM Z
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Subject: Re: Kodak B&W Paper Discontinued?
> According to one poster, it is reliable inside info. In my
> view, it is just
> a rumor and until we know who made the statement, we can
> largely dismiss it.
> According to the above memo, Kodak has (apparently)
> announced it. I prefer
> to wait until Kodak officially announces it. Again, I am
> NOT saying it is
> not true.
> Bob
   That poster was me and the information came from someone
who happens to be a friend and is highly placed at Kodak and
in a position to know. I would not have posted it if there
had been any slightest possibility of its being just rumor
or incorrect. Essentially this source sent me the official
press release before it had been released along with a
personal note. I did not post to this list since this is an
alternative processes list and presumably is composed of
people not dependant on "silver-gelatin" paper.

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