Cyanotype development

From: Stane Kočar ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 06/15/02-12:49:56 AM Z
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I think I may join about conversation about cyanotype and push it a bit
further. On Saturday I will teach my first cyanotype workshop here in
Slovenia. So I have a few things to clarify before that.

Yesterday I made a little (unscientific) test about cyanotype
development. I tried classical cyanotype on Fabriano 4 (Fabriano 6 is
out of production!) developed in water, citric acid, acetic acid and
hydrochloric acid.
My AGFA graphical step wedge serves me for that purpose. The first three
samples shows little differencies (maybe with c. and a. acid I can get
slightly more details in highlights and a little different hue), but
sample developed in hydrochloric acid (a few drops in 250 ml - less than
1%) has deeper blue than others and it seems that is faster and (or) softer!
Does anyone have something to add?

Warm regards from Slovenia to all of you
Stane Kocar
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