RE: Lithium Chloride to cool the pure palladium print tone?

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Date: 06/12/05-07:35:01 PM Z
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Mehmet, Simply adding some lithium chloride to your coating solution is not
the answer. However, mixing up a batch of palladium with lithium chloride
in place of sodium chloride would work. If you do not have any "extra"
palladium chloride sitting around waiting to accept this new role, buy some.
There are developers that will give you a cooler print than Potassium
Oxalate but you seem unwilling to go down that path. Adding Gold Chloride
with the Na2, may give you purple/violet streaks or highlights that you may
not like or might find interesting. The strong the solution of Gold
Chloride that more quickly you will see a change in color in your print.


While I have not tried the specific quest that you are on, my many years of
pt/pd printing question that it would work better than just making a new
batch of lithium based palladium. I would highly recommend that you instead
try ammonium based palladium.


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Subject: Lithium Chloride to cool the pure palladium print tone?


Lithium Chloride to cool the pure palladium print tone?



Does it make sense to add some lithium chloride to sodium chloropalladite
solution in order to have a cooler print tone?

I am already using Fe Oxalate solution and equal amount of sodium
chloropalladite solution and some sodium chloroplatinate as contrast agent
(conforming the system of Dick Arentz)

I wonder if it could be possible to dissolve some lithium chloride in the
coating solution to get a bit cooler tone.
I am happy with the paper I use(COT320) and the developer and the developing
temperature(Pot. oxalate 33% at room temp. 22-25oC) so that I would like to
not change them.

My second question is that for the same purpose, would the addition of Gold
chloride work?

Your precious opinions will be appreciated.

Mehmet Kismet
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