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Date: 06/11/05-10:30:59 AM Z
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In every inkset that I have tested with the PDN system, it has always been
the Yellow ink that showed more density to UV light than Cyan or Magenta.
Usually Magenta has the least.

Mark Nelson
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> If it were pigment lightness/darkness that affected speed, I would think
> yellow would expose more quickly, which it doesn't.  I have not tested an
> opaque red vs an opaque yellow (e.g. cadmium) to see if opacity has some
> effect.  But I can only test one variable at once. However, I have curved
> two yellows, an arylide and a semi opaque, and those curves are quite
> similar, which leads me perhaps erroneously to believe still that the color
> is a filter of its own nature, like filters you put on front of a camera
> filter and change the tonal range on BW film.
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