Re: pigments for gum and PDN

From: Jeremy Moore ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 06/10/05-11:58:18 AM Z
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Please share, this should be very educational and practical.

Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

> Today I print a side by side gum my old way (one curve for all three
> layers, black ink only neg on Photo Warehouse film)and then with all
> three layers done with their own color and curves (PDN method,
> colorized negs with 3 separate curves and 3 separate printing times,
> no black ink, Pictorico film), to see if there is a benefit with gum
> this way or not. I have no clue. I am going to predict that gum is
> such a variable process that it does not matter, being able to take
> care of these variables through development and by eye, but I'd love
> to be proven wrong. I know with cyano, silver, palladium and
> solarplate the PDN system works like a charm. I also know that at the
> least I have learned lots more about how gum and color respond by
> doing it.
> More later,
> Chris
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