Re: what I've learned about cyanotype thru PDN

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  Hi Loris,
  Thank you very much for the information!
  I have looked up the units and see they are reasonable and most important
free up the floor space.
  The contractor did not make a subfloor- the lino is placed on the cement
floor which the darkroom is adjacent to the garage which in turn gets very
wet during the winter and during the frequent rains.
  Now; I noticed more mold on the back wall- the darkroom is brand new with
a very tiny baseboard heater (no other room for it).
  I am asking the big Hydro company to come in and look it over today- they
are very good. I can't seem to interest the electrician- so much for
  Thanks again, will let you know what I have decided.
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> They mount the air conditioner for free here in Turkey... You buy it,
> they mount it... You don't have to convince an electrician and pay
> extra...
> Regards,
> Loris.
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> > Thanks, Loris- now if I could only get the electrician to
> > come over... he thinks everything is a joke esp. losing film
> > and paper.
> > Susan


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