Re: Transparency v semi-transparency

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Date: 06/07/05-10:57:08 AM Z
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Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

> I suppose it isnt' the end of the world for me, tho, in that it is a bit on
> the orangey side when doing a straight tricolor mix, and therefore I can use
> more primary yellows in that scenario...

It's amazing how many different pigments I've seen identified as
"closest to primary yellow," all different hues. I have my own ideas
about that but I'm still waiting to look at the yellows I ordered from
Daniel Smith (the order is lost somewhere between here and there so
they're shipping a duplicate order) before I settle on what I consider
a true yellow. I'm curious where you'd put it.

 I think I've been too much with pigments, even though it's not at all
the only thing I'm doing these days, or even the thing that's taking the
greater part of my attention (that would be a tie between a new romantic
interest and an intense study of the Rwandan massacres of 1994). But
when I find myself driving down the road naming to myself the pigments
on the cars I pass, I think it's probably time to take a break.
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