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Date: 06/07/05-02:02:13 AM Z
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Katharine Thayer wrote:
  I want my
> multiple gums to glow with luscious luminous jewel-like colors;

This came off more invariable than I actually am in gum printing, so I
should probably qualify it. I print gum to many different effects, and
the above remark was intended only for the occasions when I am
especially after a luminous, jewel-like effect, not for every single
multiple gum print I make. Sometimes rather than luminous and
jewel-like I want a duller look, and then I choose my pigments
accordingly. The point being that if you are intimate with the pigments
you use, you can knowingly choose pigments to achieve the effect you are

At the moment one of my top interest in gum is printing on glass.
Working on glass, I've realized that transparent pigments need white
paper behind them to achieve their glowing effect; they just disappear
on glass. On glass, a more opaque pigment will give a more luminous look
than it would on paper. So, it depends on a lot of things, what
pigments are "right" to achieve a particular effect.
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