Re: yellow pigment for gum

From: Christina Z. Anderson ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 06/06/05-01:30:15 PM Z
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> Perhaps a better way of saying this would be that with opaque pigments,
> even though you can see through them, what you will see on top is the
> last layer you put on. With transparent pigments, you don't see a
> separate layer on top, you don't see any separate layers, you see only
> the blended color. Hope that's more "clear."
> kt

Right, I totally agree about opaque vs. transparent, I don't question that
at all. I never
use opaque pigments, unless they are the first layer. But my question is
how much of a difference is there between a semitransparent PY139 and a
transparent PY110, given the thinness of the gum layer and its suspension in
gum arabic, etc. etc.

I'll just have to go do a layer of each over a dark and find out. Thanks
for bearing with my copious questions.

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