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Date: 06/06/05-09:19:32 AM Z
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What I have left is mixed in a 50ml nalgene bottle of gum :(
I notice in side by side comparison that they matched the color closely with
the new gamboge. Did you find that the two produced much different results?
I can test them side by side if you haven't yet. I seem to remember your
saying something to the effect that the new gamboge did not perform in the
same way. For what it is worth, the Maimeri Permanent Yellow Deep PY139
looks similar, too. And it is also an isoindoline yellow.
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> Katharine Thayer wrote:
>> I don't have anything invested in this pigment and won't be offended if
>> you throw it out.
> But don't throw it in the trash, send it my way, please! Seems like I
> sent you some paint once, so if it wouldn't be too much trouble, I'd
> love the PY110, thanks! I'd even pay for the shipping.
> Katharine
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