Re: odd cyanotype behavior

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Date: 06/05/05-01:37:07 PM Z
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    First, many thanks to the several who told me about alkaline paper--that
is certainly the source of these woes. I had originally thought that I
could regain the image with an acid bath, but it though the image does come
back, it turns out that the paper doesn't like acids much and begins to fall
      Second, that's a shame, 'cause I got a nice brown tone with something
sold in wine making supply stores called "wine tannin" which the label calls
"hydrolyzed gallotannin." Being a food grade and sold in 1/2 oz packs, it
is more expensive than tannic acid. I still have some and I'll try it on a
more standard print that has been bleached with sodium carbonate. Also, I
suppose, the next time I order chemicals I should buy some tannic acid.
Thanks Charles Portland Or
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