RE: what I've learned about cyanotype thru PDN

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Date: 06/05/05-03:49:09 AM Z
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Hi Trevor,


My drying procedure is as following: I let the paper wait 2-3 minutes until
it doesn't look shiny and then blow cold air (room temperature) around it
with a fan for about 15-20mins. I do this the same way both in winter and
summer. I live in a humid climate (Istanbul - humidity never goes below
50-60%). I got great blue with both double coated classic cyanotype and
single coated new cyanotype. I wash it in tap water.






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Subject: RE: what I've learned about cyanotype thru PDN


While we're on the subject of cyanotypes and our own curves, all the lit
i've read on the subject implies that the paper can be exposed about an hour
after coating (or, enough time to dry). I've found that produces washed out
images after the bath. But if I let the paper dry overnight, i get a really
strong prussian blue color...i even found an old coated and unexposed piece
of paper, i may have overexposed it...i lost a lot of detail but it produced
a stunningly brilliant blue.


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