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for what it's worth, I've had a similar problem (amongst a myriad
others)! It almost looks as if the stain has formed the steps and the
pigment has totally washed off. This is one of the reasons I've been
stepping up my exposures (to no avail - I use the big light in the
middle). Problem is it happens to many colours not just reds..

I was beginning to think that 'this is how gum is'...


David Hatton

Katharine Thayer wrote:

>Chris asked a while ago about pigments people have had problems with. I
>said I hadn't had a problem with any pigment except for zinc oxide in a
>gouache getting dichromate stain. Well, you know what they say about
>pride goeth before a fall -- I believe I've now met my match in cadmium
>red. I would never actually print with this pigment, because it's too
>opaque for my taste, but I bought it the other day because I wanted to
>test out this question about reflectance curves and color mixing by
>overlaying layers of color, since no one answered my question the other
>But, this pigment (as M. Graham Cadmium Red) prints totally weird. It's
>a beautiful clear medium red in the paint, but in the gum print it's the
>dullest, ickiest terra cotta color you ever saw. And on one paper-size
>combination it stained, although as a rule I never see pigment staining.
>Here's some examples of what it looks like:

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