Hard gloss coating and mounting a digital print onto a rigid surface

From: Carmen Lizardo ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/31/05-09:27:03 AM Z
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Dear List, I have to questions:

I made some digital prints ont something called
Opaque Matte Film is a polyester based material.

How can I give a hard gloss coating to a digital
print? I can screen print or spray very well, but I
am not sure what kind of material to use. Can anyone
recommend something?

I would like to mount digital prints (17x24) on a
rigid surface such as aluminum, acrylic glass or
Formica. I don't want any kind of frame around it or
glass in front of the print.
Can anyone recommend the easiest way to do this? I
am not sure on the melting temperature of that
material, so I rather not use heat mount.

After the print is mounted, what can I affix to the
back in order for the gallery to be able to hang the

Thank you kindly,

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