Re: polivinyl alcohol vs. gelatin sizing

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Date: 07/30/05-04:21:33 PM Z
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Op 30 jul 2005 om 13:44 heeft Katharine Thayer het volgende geschreven:

> .....................process in practice, and I don't know that those
> who use PVA have
> somehow more control. The chemical structure of the colloid, to my
> mind,
> has little effect on how the process works or whether the printer has
> good control over it. I like gum arabic because I just like it as a
> substance; I enjoy working with it. PVA seems more impersonal, or less
> interesting, or something, to me. Each to his own.
> Katharine

Some time ago I mentioned the belgian gummist JeanJanssis, who used the
PVA called MOWIOL. When I asked him why he used it instead of gum
arabic, he said that he disliked the formaldehyde used to preserve the
gum .

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