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The Fresson's have been using an enlarger and have not contact printed in at
least 50 years. Outside of the Fresson family no one is doing Fresson printing.

My process is very similar to the Fresson process but it still should not be
confused with the original Fresson process. The Fresson's have successfully
kept their process a trade secret for over 105 years and anyone claiming
otherwise may not be fully informed. My work to date has been done using an
enlarger however I am about to abandon it in favor of contact printing using
digital negatives. My choice for a digital negative system is Mark Nelson's
PDN system which seems to be the most refined methodology/workflow available.

Do you know if Alan working with Jean-Franois in Paris?

cheers! Art

On Fri, 29 Jul 2005 14:48:08 -0300, BOB KISS wrote
> I just read in the RIT Alumni news about someone named Alan Vogel
> who will be doing research on using digital negatives for the
> Fresson process. Anyone know anything about this? I know that the
> Fresson process has been discussed many times on this list and I
> have been to the Fresson web site. I am specifically asking about
> this particular research regarding using digital negatives for Fresson.
> Please check my website:

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