Re: Epson 2400 & Epson R1800 vs Epson 2200

From: Jeffrey D. Mathias ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/30/05-04:47:55 AM Z
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Mark Nelson wrote:
> Epson 2200 - 2880 x 1440
> Epson 2400 - 5760 x 1440
> Epson R1800 - 5760 x 1440
> Notice the last figure shown for each printer- 1440. There is very
> little difference in the ability of all three printers to print the PDN
> sharpness target at 360 pixels per inch. While it looks impressive to
> see the number 5760, these printers do not print significantly
> finer/sharper detail.

However, might there be some use for those extra dots?
If the driver control is available, one may be able to use the 5760 to
produce more individual tones within a resolution of 1440 resulting in
more "apparent pixel depth" at 1440 x 1440. Can the driver do this?

Since a paper like Crane's Business Card Stock seems to be able to
deliver a resolution of 600 lines per inch with pt/pd, a higher
resolution (smaller dot) printer can put more printed dots in a dot on
the negative to be printed as a dot in the print. Including dot gain on
the negative substrate and any optimized pattern for creating the dot on
the negative, has anyone figured the total number of individual tones
that are then produced and the distribution of those tones throughout
the printable density range of the negative?

Jeffrey D. Mathias
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