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Kodak is the recognized and acknowledged leader in the world of emulsion RESEARCH and they are simply ahead of the game. What appears to be a very positive picture being painted here is not really in tune with reality. Things are changing and they are changing rapidly. Of COURSE research is still being conducted by both organizations all over the world. But the nature and scope of this research is now being geared to the future... digital imaging.
While some people may not have noticed, I HAVE noticed a definate change in the nature, scope and objective of current research, by all research institutions.
It is helpfull to keep a focus on where we are headed...

Translations are fine and machine translation technology is improving, but more useful than that is the support of individuals and groups who are willing to put their time,
perhaps even their lives, into resserrecting long lost crafts, such as the autochrome.
There are people doing this now whose work could be given a boost...
I do not know the American system or what all this 501c thing is, but I guess it means you or the organization gets some kind of tax break... As a Non - Profit, I belive every one besides the director is unpaid... It is my hope that, whatever your center does, above all else I hopes it keeps its prices down WAY below what is the going rate. And offers free and very low cost dissemination of knowledge. For example, confrences, workshops, lectures etc. should not be even compareable to the going rate of such commercial doings.
How many on this list have wanted to attend a workshop or conference, but was discouraged by the costs?
My idea for any Non-Profit is that they benefit the underdog first and the rich not at all.
Otherwise, why do you deserve the tax break?
As I said, I do not really understand the 501c thing, could you explain what exactly is so good about it and why you are so happy you got it?

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