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Thanks loads. I will review your suggestions carefully and certainly
appreciate them very much. The cataloguing in iView sounds ideal. I am
looking forward to setting it up Joe

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Check out the DiscGear CD/DVD storage units at the following:

It's sorta like a combination of Rolodex and disk tray. You don't mess
with jewell cases, yet your disks are well protected from the elements.

If you combine this with cataloging software like iView Media Pro
(, you have a simple way to find and retrief
your images. I number my archived DVDs using names like 001DVD, 002DVD,
003DVD, etc. If you catalog all your DVDs in iView, you'll have
thumbnails (and keywords, etc) of all your archived images. Clicking on a
thumbnail of any image instantly reveals which DVD it's on. Then you just
slide the DiscGear selector knob over to that number and lift the lid.
Voila, it lifts that DVD (or CD) up or your to grab. Very neat system.

Hope this helps!


>I currently use the thicker
>> jewel cases (becoming more difficult to find) and label the edges with a
>> typed strip - but that is still very cumbersome. Thanks for any

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