Re: Good day for drying sized papers outside!

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Date: 07/26/05-01:58:18 PM Z
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Hi Sandy,

Here near Chicago, we hit 104 Sunday and the humidity would've drowned a
frog. I can't imagine what the heat index was that day—I fled to visit Enderetta
at Madison, where being North of here, the temperature was maybe 6 degrees
cooler. We cut open some watermelons and dropped our pants and sat in them to
cool down. Needless to say, we didn't eat the watermelon.

Mark Nelson
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> Message to Chris,
> If you enjoyed drying your sized papers outdoors in South Caroliona
> you are missing out today on a great opportunity. This morning at
> 10am the temperature outdoors in the shade was 92 degrees F, with 88%
> humidity. The good news is that as of 2:30 pm the RH has gone done to
> 52%, but the temperature just hit 100.5, and it is still rising. Your
> papers would be dry almost as fast as you could hang them up.
> Wonder what it is like in the warmer parts of the south today, say in
> Houston or Baton Rouge?
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