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Date: 07/26/05-01:36:11 PM Z
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OK, Marky Mark,
I know there is a joke in here somewhere, because I've NEVER seen
"sexuellem" associated with gum printing.....nor the word
"funschticker"...but you never know, maybe Freud was a gum printer back in
the day.

Now how about this (this is a real question, btw):
anyone know what pigment "Krapplack" and "gummigutt" would be in English?
Krapplack is a red, and gummigutt a yellow, but don't know which exact name.

From: <>
> Chris,
> I was looking through my library and located a copy of the following
> volume:
> Funschticker Abenteuer: Experimente mit Gummi als sexuellem Schmiermittel
> Berlin Press, 1917
> A quote from the preface:
> "Eine vollstndige Studie des Gummiflecktests, der anzeigt, da es
> mglicherweise nicht die Menge des Kaliumbichromats sein kann, aber die
> Menge der
> Austern verbrauchten, die die archivalische Qualitt des abschlieenden
> Druckes
> feststellt."
> Hope this is helpful. I'd be glad to loan it to you if you wish.
> Best Wishes,
> Mark Nelson
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