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Have you approached Blue Moon for help?

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Those of you who were at APIS already know about the Center so this is for
the uninitiated.

You can sign up at:

Thanks to my former organization, Bostick & Sullivan for temporarily
hosting the sign up site. Much good stuff is happening and I wish I could
talk about some of it but the time is not right.

We are a brand new organization and only received our Federal 501(c)(3)tax
exempt status in early July 2005. The Center is an organization that seeks
to integrate photography's unique technologies as a vital part of its
history. It will provide a link between photo historians, museums, curators
and conservators and the Center's membership base of photographers
preserving historical photographic processes as living art forms. Major
projects planned include a body of technical advisors to aid research, an
analog collection of books and prints, and a digital searchable knowledge
base of historic writings on photographic technology. We are encouraging
the formation of informal affiliate groups throughout the United States and
the world at large. We already have startup groups in Mexico City and
Seattle Washington. These groups will seek to preserve local collections of
photographs and provide a networking environment for printmaking photographers.

The Alternative Photographic International Symposium will expand to include
photographic history and will be sponsored by the Center. The Center will
host a variety of seminars periodically on subjects of interest to
photographers and historians.

The Center will support through its programs the growing body of
photographers who feel that the hand made photograph (now including gelatin
silver) is their vehicle of choice for self expression in photography.

Your membership will help provide the initial funding for this valuable
organization. At APIS in July we raised over $5000.00 in memberships and

If you plan on forming a group in your community let us know and we'll see
what we can do to help. We are learning a lot of this as we go.

I invite questions and comments.


--Dick Sullivan
Executive Director
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