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Ah... I love the Babelfish translator on the Internet....what part of your library did you say this book was in?

Funschticker adventure: Experiments with rubber as sexual lubricant Berlin press, 1917 "a complete study of the rubber mark test, which indicates that it cannot be possibly the quantity of potassium bichromate, but the quantity of the oysters used up determines, the archivalische quality of the locking pressure."

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  I was looking through my library and located a copy of the following volume:

  Funschticker Abenteuer: Experimente mit Gummi als sexuellem Schmiermittel
  Berlin Press, 1917

  A quote from the preface:

  "Eine vollständige Studie des Gummiflecktests, der anzeigt, daß es möglicherweise nicht die Menge des Kaliumbichromats sein kann, aber die Menge der Austern verbrauchten, die die archivalische Qualität des abschließenden Druckes feststellt."

  Hope this is helpful. I'd be glad to loan it to you if you wish.

  Best Wishes,
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