Re: Fugitive pigments

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Date: 07/25/05-03:01:01 PM Z
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Katharine Thayer wrote:
> David & Jan Harris wrote:
> >

> It would be interesting to know which wavelength of light is most
> > active in causing the gum/dichromate hardening reaction - one for the
> > chemists to think about! Do we all use UV just because it's the easiest way
> > to get a suitable light intensity, or is the UV itself necessary?
> UV itself -- my understanding from my reading is that there are peaks at
> 365 and 440 nm (although 440 is in the visible range) but I think it
> depends on the colloid as well; those numbers are probably for PVA.

P.S. I think Joe's right, it's the dichromate whose absorption spectrum
is relevant here, so you wouldn't think it should be different for
different colloids. I would have to go back through my research papers
to find out what that 365 and 440 refers to, that I've read in the
research on dichromated processes.
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