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Date: 07/25/05-04:17:22 PM Z
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From: "Robert Hall"
> Hey Chris,
> It's Acetone Sulphite.
> And it's the Niedersachens State Uni. Probably in Gottingen, Germany.'
> How ya doin there? Long time no see.
> Robert
Heyyyy, Robert, long time no hear! I thought you were caput or something...
Sooo, acetone sulphite--what is it nowadays, still called same? Same as
sulfuric acid or different??

Rainer said:
Hi Chris,
I`ve bought some old german gumbooks some time ago to study
differences in
technical descriptions (and not to read only the english stuff :-) ).
One of these is: "Gaedicke, Der Gummidruck", 3. Edition,1906.
I think I can make you a copy, for example as photos on CD.
I got a lot of helpful suggestions for my gumprinting works and other
experiments from this group,
thank you to all of you.
Greetings from Germany

Thanks Henk for the websites and Rainer for the offer, I would love to take
you up on that cd of pages, or if there is any way someone could communicate
in German with the library and have them copy the 1898 version for me, that
would be more than I would dream of.

Yes, Rainer, the old books written around the time of gum's heyday 1890's
thru let's say 1920 are fascinating. I just finished reading a book by
Meyer and am amazed that with all the gum research I have done, I still came
up with 4 or 5 new tidbits/tips that I would include in my book. It stands
to reason that would be the case, since there was quite the active gum
printing group out of Vienna, for instance.

I can read French and have a bunch of the gum books from France
photo-copied, except for Rouille'-Ladeveze's Sepia Photo et Sanguine Photo,
probably the first gum book written. I figure if I get a body of research
done from the French, British, American, German, and Austrian contributions,
that's a good start.
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