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 Saw both new Epsons demonstrated at APIS. The 1800 makes excellent color prints and the 2400 did beautiful B/W. Going to keep my 2200 for some time. To eliminate the pizza wheel marks on the 2200, lift the metal bar with the pizza wheels with your right hand (1/8") and with your left little finger, press down on the small white wheel on the left side. It will snap down and hold the pizza wheels off the OHP film.


>From: Adam Kimball <>
>Date: Mon Jul 25 15:21:56 CDT 2005
>Subject: Re: New Epson's and PDN

>Yep, I know that. They may be better for bronzing & metamerism, etc
>when it comes to printing on paper - but how do they do on
>transparencies? That's my question. We all know about pizza-wheel
>marks and the problems associated with the pigment not drying fast
>enough - and the 2200 is a printer that many people are working with
>and having some success with. Of course, we'd all guess (and hope)
>that the 2400,4800,etc will be better on negs, but I don't think
>Epson has us in mind when they are making photo printers.
>Still interested in this one,
>On Jul 25, 2005, at 11:54 AM, wrote:
>> Actually Epson is not making the 2200 anymore. Replacements are
>> the R1800 and 2400. Better printer at less cost.
>> George
>>> From: Adam Kimball <>
>>> Date: Sun Jul 24 22:32:03 CDT 2005
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>>> Subject: New Epson's and PDN
>>> Hi all,
>>> I'm about ready to buy a printer. I'm leaning towards a 2400 -
>>> but I'm VERY
>>> concerned about the zillions of possible problems that can arise.
>>> I know
>>> the 2200 works, but the prices are still incredibly high for them
>>> (when you
>>> can find them not refurbished). I can also pick up a 4000 for
>>> $1.4k. I'm
>>> considering that as well. I haven't heard from anyone who is
>>> currently
>>> making negs on a 2400 - good or bad. So, if you are - please
>>> speak up!
>>> So, everyone, when you upgrade to the new 2400, 4800, etc - please
>>> let us
>>> know how it goes, how it changes your workflow, etc.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Adam
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