Re: gelatin hardener (Re: APIS, hydroquinone hardening)

From: Randy Hendrix ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/23/05-04:21:43 AM Z
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Ryuji Suzuki <> wrote:
"I found a compound that can harden gelatin (and a lot of other
polymers) very well and has manageable level of toxicity
I'm about to test this compound... but... I'd expect the
hardening to be fairly slow compared to glut, taking a day or two
after coating and drying to harden, and maybe a week to reach teh[sic]
maximum hardening effect at room temperature. "

That sounds like Chrome alum!


"More info to follow when I get enough experience with it."

Why wait until then to tell us what compound you were looking at?

We can wait for your results but please let us know what compound, we are waiting for results on.)

"Hydroquinone" hardening? Chrome alum, another aldehyde?


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