RE: Platinum and palladium with cyanotype

From: Sam Wang ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/22/05-02:13:36 PM Z
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Complete the printing of pt/pd: coating, expose, develop, dry, etc. before coating the cyanotype.

Combining cyanotype and Vandyke has been discussed before. Some say it works fine, but to me the amount of bleaching is not acceptable.

I remember a former student of mine combined the coating of cyanotype and Argentotype (?) and got very interesting colors but they faded in no time. She was studying at U of Georgia, under Wiley Sanderson, aka Dr. Pinhole. That was, gosh, 35 years ago.


>Could you possibly elaborate a little more on the workflow for combining
>these two processes? What are the steps involved? Do you expose once after
>you coat the cyanotype on top of the (dry) pt/pd coating?
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