Re: Comments please?

From: Katharine Thayer ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/21/05-03:55:22 PM Z
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Kate M wrote:
> Hi, I've just posted some new images on my site
> I would like some feedback - any comments gracefully and gratefully
> accepted :)

I like 'em, Kate.

It looks like we're on some kind of parallel path, because I'm doing a
series based on a similar kind of idea. Mine are 10-minute pinhole
exposures, so much blurrier and no detail, and not quite as close up,
and printed rather low-key and low-contrast, so the approaches are quite
different. The only similarity, I guess, is that mine are also sort of
ambiguous compositions based on the body. I've got one here in front of
me to scan, maybe I'll do that for comparison. Anyway, I like what
you're doing.

But I'm confused what is meant by "Unique State print, 1/2" ?

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