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You can order Crane paper from Kelly Paper and Paper Plus. Go to and find the bulk seller information. I believe Kelly Paper is nation wide.


>From: nwlorax <>
>Date: Thu Jul 21 15:24:34 CDT 2005
>Subject: Re: argyrotype paper

>On Jul 20, 2005, at 7:44 PM, Don Bryant wrote:
>> Joe,
>> Nope no watermark! It is a pretty good bargain. The only downside
>> for me is
>> that larger sheets tend to rip easily once wet so be fore warned.
>> I wish Cranes would sell their other papers like that, instead they
>> refer
>> you to their Cranes stores. Unfortunately the people that work
>> there, are
>> only used to selling stationary not parent sized sheets. I was
>> interested in
>> purchasing parent sized sheets of the 64lb Kid finish. The only way
>> to order
>> the KF in 32lb or heavier is to order a large amount (500 sheet
>> min.) from a
>> commercial paper supplier. I couldn't even get a sample of the 64lb
>> for
>> testing.
>> Don Bryant
>The Crane store in Downtown Seattle insisted they couldn't order
>anything that they didn't already carry. If Crane did any sort of
>marketing, they could become the #1 platinum and Van Dyke paper
>supplier in the States.
>Gordon Cooper
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