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Date: 07/21/05-11:27:37 AM Z
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I may do that, but what surprised me was that there weren't any warnings on
the packaging or instructions. Usually, even the most innocuous of
chemicals comes with at least the warning that "the State of California has
determined this substance contains compounds that may cause your nose to
fall off, your toes to curl, and/or your life to become a total hassle,
dude." But there wasn't a single word about safe handling or dangers
associated with the product. Hmmmm...given its color, maybe its nutritious,
delicious Soylent Green...


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Grace, You should be able to contact the company and request an MSDS for the
product. They can be vague enough not to reveal the exact proportions within
the product but they must let you know what is in it.

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> Does anyone know what's in this stuff? I'm using it to photoetch some
> brass
> sheet stock, and I noticed there weren't any warnings in the product info
> about deadly things to worry about.
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