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       I have played around with photo etching of metals using reverse
electroplating.....I am down to a what I hope is the final experiment as I
have had many failures with the resist floating off the metal during the
      Where I am at is that I spray the stainless steel, brass, ect with a
adhesive lacquer primer called Bulldog........... I then coat the metal with
a hard lacquer front and back ....... Then I apply the photoresist and
develop.....I then sandblast the image away thru the lacquer using very
fine abrasive and low pressure.... I will then reverse electroplate hoping
for a very deep etch ( 1/6 to 1/8) ......... My hopes are that by not
having the Resist in direct contact with the metal and Adhesive Lacquer I
will not have float off of the image.....
The resist I use is made by PhotoResist.
John Cremati
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> Does anyone know what's in this stuff? I'm using it to photoetch some
> sheet stock, and I noticed there weren't any warnings in the product info
> about deadly things to worry about.
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